EHR Consulting

Implementing your Electronic Healthcare Record is challenging in today’s moving world, and it’s a vital part of providing the best care, accountability and healing. We want to help you get it right.

Our experience and process will help you move your organization in the right direction, and help provide the people you serve with the care they deserve.

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IT Solutions

Analyze & Optimize

Our strategic IT pros will work with your team to review your current solutions and needs. We would love to help ensure your business solutions support your goals.

Healthcare Doesn’t Follow a Standard Business Schedule. Neither Do We.

Let us help you create an environment that aligns your services and staff with providing the best care possible. Results matter.

Disaster Recovery Planning

How do you provide care when infrastructure uncertainty surfaces? Let us help you implement a plan to ensure data isn’t lost and services continue uninterrupted.

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Billing Solutions & Support

KHIT can review your billing structure for efficiencies, or build your billing system to maximize fiscal success. Use our experience to gain the financial foundation your agency and clients rely upon.

We can build and handle it for you:

  • Billing
  • Denial Management
  • Claim Submission
  • Contract Management
  • Reporting
  • Month End Billing Closure
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Clinical Solutions & Support

Our clinical services were honed with agency implementations all over the United States. Let us provide the tools and training to help your staff be at their best, so they can provide the best care possible.

We can build and handle it for you:

  • Practice Analysis
  • Practice Optimization
  • End-User and System Administration Training
  • Create what you need in Forms, Assessments, Custom Reports and Treatment Plans
  • User Management, Staff Credentialing and Security Maintenance
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Data Analysis

Data drives today’s world, and we can help you make the most out of focused data analysis. Let KHIT’s business intelligence and expertise provide the direction your agency is looking for.

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Change is GOOD

KHIT can help you identify the changes your organization will need to bring out their best. We can build the tools to provide the best window to see into your business data – Clarity and analysis that will help your staff and clients thrive.

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Whether just starting a project, or needing assistance on the way, KHIT is here to build and enhance your IT system.

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